St. John Hospice adds their voice

6 months ago
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Staff at St. John Hospice gathered on December 12 to share, among other insights regarding our pursuit of world class, what they saw as our standout qualities when it comes to attracting the best to come and work at PHC.

Here are just a few* of the soundbites:
  • We don’t say no, we say how.
  • We are very inclusive. We find what is important to the person and we’ll do what we can to make it meaningful to them.
  • Every health authority has values -- PHC is the first one where I feel like they are being followed. All the other health authorities say “patient-centered care” and at PHC we actually do it.
  • I had orientation in four different health authorities and Providence was the best. It was inspiring and thorough. With other health authorities, it didn’t hit you in the heart.
  • I found my home here. It’s the first time I felt my opinion mattered.
  • Hopefully Providence doesn’t lose the sense that your voice matters – I have definitely worked in places where that’s not the case.

* please note: this is a high-level summary; all sentiments discussed were fully captured by the facilitators!

This recent session with staff at St. John Hospice was part of a series of facilitated engagement sessions across PHC where employees, patients, residents, family members, clinicians, researchers and volunteers were invited to weigh in on the creation of a new 7-year strategic plan (2019 - 2026) for the organization.

Our period of formal, large-group engagement has wrapped up but, not to worry!

Bloom is open for business (and by business, we mean big ideas ideas that you’d like to contribute to our pursuit of world class) until December 31!

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