Let's Get Bloomin'!

10 months ago
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Welcome to Bloom, our comprehensive digital engagement platform to help us reach, inform and involve the Providence Health Care community in the development of our new seven-year (2019 – 2026) strategic plan.

For us to be successful, this way forward needs to be meaningful to everyone who works at Providence, as it will guide our decision-making and prioritization across the organization.

And we know that you – the people who live and breathe this work every day – are the best sources of feedback and ideas. We also know that you're busy. And while we would love for everyone to be able to attend every activity, the reality and logistics of that just don’t add up.

So we have taken engagement online, to further complement the in-person activities, group forums, facilitated sessions and pop-ups (aka: carts that will be making rounds on the units in the next few weeks, asking questions and handing out treats) that will be happening across the organization from November to mid-December.

Bloom: Where Your Ideas Grow

You can access Bloom 24/7 using your work or home computer or smartphones/tablets and stay up to date on upcoming engagement activities, read through key documents, and be part of the real-time story of Providence paving a way forward to 2026, together.

The best part?

You can contribute to the strategic plan through a wide variety of interactive tools and discussions (e.g., polls, online forums, ideation, etc.), regardless of your shift or your site.

Be part of our journey to Providence 2026 - visit Bloom often to join the conversation. Be sure to launch in Chrome, and be sure to bring your big ideas.

The success of our way forward depends on ideas and feedback from people like you.

So let's get Bloomin'!