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Old tradition, new technology

10 months ago
Posters bloom

“The Sisters were the original networkers and engagers. They knew that to serve their community well, they had to be out there talking to people. New digital technologies give us the chance to continue this old tradition in a new innovative way.”

- President & CEO, Fiona Dalton

We couldn't agree more!

We're so excited to have this online space to hear input and ideas from as many of our people as possible.

Be sure to weigh in on our pursuit of world class!

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siacipahello about 2 months ago
This is the high time for the healthcare industry to adopt tech solutions. Digital transformation of the whole industry is the demand of time. It promotes better experience and the overall progress. Get to know many things here related this -
RX Tech 7 months ago
Technology is good!
BigFan01 10 months ago
Love the use of tech!!