How powerful would that be?

09 November, 2018

Studies have shown that neither position nor salary seem to have much to do with one finding meaning in their work.

More than 8,000 people are called to work at Providence – what if everyone felt supported in their ability to shine in their own unique and specialized skill, empowered to provide care to someone at their most-vulnerable in a way that honours every facet of their DNA, and knew all the while their work was contributing to moving the organization ever-closer to the common vision that we all share.

How powerful would that be?


Use the Share Your Ideas and Open Discussion tools below to help us answer this big question:

How do we make PHC the best place where the best people in the world want to work, learn,serve and stay?

Think about:

  • Why do people work and stay here? What do we have now that works?
  • How can we attract new people to PHC? What do we need to change?
  • How can we retain the people we have? What would it take for you to stay long term?
  • Why might you encourage your friends to work here now? What cultural changes could we make to get you to recruit your friends in the future?

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