Corporate Services Offer Up Insights

over 1 year ago

The morning of December 12 saw 25 people from across OH&S, HR, Redevelopment, Communications, Finance cycle through a large-group discussion held at Hornby Street office for our corporate services staff. As those who provide support for our point of care staff and leadership, their insights ranged from how to better make staff more aware of the supports in place for them, to what makes them proud to support this work, to where they see opportunities in our way forward.

Below are some* of the highlights heard in the room that day:

  • We communicate what we’re doing in little groups or through one-off communication, but we need to have it be organization-wide so staff know all of the work we're doing for them and what resources are available to them. People don't know about the support and services available to them until they need them -- maybe an app would help to get information to our staff, quick, about the services and supports we have in place for them?
  • Staff are trying to be diligent about finding information at home and can't because of the intranet being behind the firewall and being hard to navigate. The search isn't comprehensive, nothing relevant comes up, the documents are hard to find and are outdated. It’s a barrier.
  • It only takes about six people with boldness and courage to positively transform a workplace, culture and system. And we have those people; this brings me hope.
  • We have the same number of staff as Northern Health – people always say that we’re able to get things done because we’re small; I would say that we get things done because we're nimble and innovative.
  • We need to come up with a process on how we live these values internally. We do a lot of engagement and values translation with our patients but not necessarily internally.
  • I'd like us to take some more risks. If we want to be unique, we need to do unique things and dedicate time to reflect on this.
  • The corporate vision has been changing a lot, and I don't think the frontline connect to it or understand it anymore.
  • Wellness for staff needs to be prioritized in the same way that research or technical skills are. In health care this is a new concept. Shifting our culture to show staff that their wellness is important, that we're making time for it and creating space for it, that it goes beyond just accessing their benefits but transcends to how they’re able to take care of themselves while on shift – this leadership would make us world class.
  • You don't need a big budget to do stuff like verbally recognize your staff, or pull them aside to check in -- it's just remembering to do stuff like that.
  • Continue to advocate and be thought-leaders that challenge stigma and perception, all the way from grassroots to political leaders.
  • If we want to be known as the hospital that looks after those in the Downtown Eastside, let’s get known for that. Self-promotion equals more resources and support from the community. We are the little train that could have a bigger voice.
  • I connect with the mission. That’s why I came here and that’s why I stay.

* please note: this is a high-level summary; all sentiments discussed were fully captured by the facilitators!

This recent session with Corporate Services staff was part of a series of facilitated engagement sessions across PHC where employees, patients, residents, family members, clinicians, researchers and volunteers were invited to weigh in on the creation of a new 7-year strategic plan (2019 - 2026) for the organization.

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