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Lets Talk Values

over 1 year ago

Think of this space like a round table in a face to face session, it's a place where you can share your thoughts, perspectives and have a conversation  

What does PHC need to do more or less of to be compassionate, pursue social justice and be innovative?

Thank you for being part of our pursuit of world class. 

Engagement has now closed, and our Mission: Forward strategic plan has launched. See for all of the details! 

  • doc101 over 1 year ago
    Part of providing "exceptional care" is also to provide care at the right place by the right provider. Here's a problem I see:1) Because of the financial incentive to clear the ER, very frequently patients are automatically referred for admission to hospital due to social reasons. This is not a responsible way of using hospital resources. ER should set aside an area to hold these patients overnight, so that social workers, Transitional Service Team can help solve these issues. The turnover time for TST people to setup extra home supports also needs to shorten.2) We have too many "alternative level of care" and "long term care" patients in our acute care hospital. In fact, this is bad for these patients (ex. disruptive environment due to acute care nature of hospital, less access to physio, more staff turnover with more unfamiliar faces, etc). Can hospital administrators negotiate with other facilities, like UBC hospital and others, in expediting the movement of these patients?
  • Michelle over 1 year ago
    I think the care model of healthcare provider centred needs to be updated to patient centred. 1. SPH needs to look at trying to have multidisciplinary outpatient clinics so patients with multiple co-morbidities can organized appointments with many different care providers all on one day. 2. Provide outreach internal/geriatric medicine clinics (IE - Q monday) for the frail patients who can not get to the hospital for multiple appointments and are often lost to follow up. 3. Extended hours or just adjusted hours for outpatient clinics so patients who work do not have to take time off to attend physician appointments (IE: 11-19 hours).4. Adjust physicians scheduling so patients see the same physician for at least most of their acute care stay OR look at increasing Nurse Practitioners within the care model for the patients with LOS greater than 10 days.
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    • doc101 over 1 year ago
      I'm a general internist and I would be happy to manage majority of their comorbidities all at the same time in one clinic visit. But unfortunately, there are not enough hospital resources to support this. For example:-not enough physical clinic space for us generalist. There are alot of "subspecialist" clinics but they are focused in 1 small part of the body-clinics are not designed for longitudinal followup-not enough booking MOA at the clinic to help coordinate the appointment time of these patients-high no-show rate of these patients, so most physician don't want to take this on. You need to support physicians financially with these no-shows-lack of allied health support (social worker, nurses, pharmacist) in the clinic working with the internist to support the patient-most of these patients need a patient navigator/ helper to help remind/ take these patients to appointments-most do not have a family doctor. If family doctors can be included in this model in a family doctor-internist care model it would work well